Celsure® Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C) Single-Use Parcel Shipping Solution

Vaccination is the need of the hour. In the mission to inoculate the entire world, billions of doses of vaccines need to be safely shipped around the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that practices exposing refrigerated vaccines to sub-zero temperatures are widespread. A study by Burgess M.A. & McIntyre P.B. indicated that between 14% and 35% of refrigerators or transport shipments were found to have exposed refrigerated vaccines to freezing temperatures.

How can an accidental freezing of refrigerated products occur? There are three possibilities –

  • Most commonly, the refrigerated payload is placed in an insulated cooler surrounded by frozen ice packs. The ice packs exit a freezer with a surface temperature of -20°C and reduce the payload temperature that is in direct contact below +2°C.
  • In a second scenario, a separation is created between the frozen ice packs and the refrigerated payload to avoid direct contact, however the ambient temperatures go below +0°C reducing the temperature of the payload.
  • Finally, there are packouts that avoid the use of frozen ice packs for refrigerated shipping and instead the ice packs are refrigerated. This scenario works fine when the ambient temperature is warm but if the ambient goes below freezing, the temperature of ice packs along with the payload drops below freezing too.

We at Akuratemp together with Pluss Advanced Technologies launched the Celsure® Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C) single-use parcel shipping solution. During the development of Celsure® our engineers designed the solution around the three failure modes (discussed above) that assures that this shipping solution will not accidentally freeze the refrigerated payload during a 3 to 4 day transit. These parcel shippers are designed for transporting refrigerated biological products over ground and air transportation networks worldwide with surety of temperature stability.

Our solutions features –

1. High Endurance: Celsure® is tested for accurate temperature-control performance during transportation between healthcare networks worldwide.

2. Smart Monitoring: An optional integration of IoT temperature sensors is available for cloud-based real-time temp monitoring with capabilities like smart notifications, inventory management, and trip reports.

3. Long Holdover Time: Celsure® shippers are validated for a holdover time of 96–120 hours , even if the ambient temperature stays constantly at -10°C.

Celsure® shippers have been granted a patent by Germany’s European Patent Office, for its design to safely transport vaccines and temperature-sensitive commodities at a specific temperature range. The patent is pending in the USA, Singapore, Brazil and India.

To understand how Celsure is designed to standardize a universal pack out for all-round the year use, watch this video of a simple quick pack out process. Additionally, you can watch a pack out and performance demo of the Akuratemp ATS6 transport kit to learn about the components, assembly sequence, and expected performance.

Harshul Gupta- CTO, Akuratemp LLC

Benjamin Hearst- VP Business Development, Akuratemp LLC

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