Domestic Parcel Shippers

Pre-validated, multi-use, environment friendly temperature-controlled packaging solutions with end-to-end traceability.

Sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solution

The Akuratemp® ATS9 Pre-Validated multi-use domestic parcel shippers utilize Phase Change Technology for optimal temperature control. These shippers feature a holdover time of 24 to 72 hours and are tested to provide stable repeatable performance both during summer and winter.
These parcel shippers can be integrated with IoT enabled temperature sensors that provides real-time temperature monitoring, geo-location tracking, and smart notification capability via a connected cloud-based monitoring platform. The platform includes a proprietary parcel shipper inventory management system. Available for purchase and for lease.
High insulation with uniform thermal distribution
Precise temperature control with PCM Technology
Assurance of readiness before pack-out
End-to-end traceability with IoT enabled technology
Validated to worst case temperature and time scenario
Optimal weight to volume ratio for cost effective shipping

Reusable Insulated Cooler

- Insulative polyurethane foam
- High mechanical strength
- Molded to fit
- Designed for uniform thermal distribution
- Recyclable

IoT Enabled Traceability

- Real-time monitoring
- Assurance of readiness before pack-out
- Smart Notification during transit
- Online inventory management

Temperature Control

- Reusable phase change material
- Robust HDPE encapsulation
- High thermal energy storage
- Recyclable

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