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Akuratemp helps hospitals by providing IoT enabled temperature-controlled packaging for community specimen courier routes and delivering blood products from blood banks. Our products help secure specimen and blood product integrity when moving between healthcare facilities.

Safeguard from temperature excursions with advanced PCM Technology.

Control cost with reliable and traceable specimen courier totes.

Make better decisions with real-time cloud-based monitoring and smart notifications.

Hospitals today are focusing on delivering quality healthcare services with extended at-home patient care using distributed healthcare centers. Other hospital operations, such as testing and lab services, are now being brought in-house for a quicker turnaround. The integrity of medical specimens needs to be preserved during movement from the point of care to the labs. The specimen supply chain requires centralized quality control to establish traceability of couriers, the chain of custody, and smart notifications for couriers and labs.

Akuratemp‘s temperature-controlled smart specimen transport totes for hospitals are designed for transporting diagnostic samples safely from the point of care to labs with established traceability and the ability to notify couriers in time to prevent temperature excursions.

Akuratemp’s customized packaging helps hospitals achieve temperature security and traceability

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