Healthcare Facility to Lab Specimen Courier Totes

Smart Medical Specimen Courier Totes with Akurasense IoT-enabled Real-Time Temperature & Geo-Location Monitoring.

Sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solution

As the world population ages, the overall caseload pertaining to cardiovascular diseases and other ailments is increasing . As per WHO estimates, between 2015-2050 the world population above 60 years would almost double from 12% to 22%. The number of laboratory testing and frequency of testing substantially increases with ongoing care required for an aging population. Transporting time-and-temperature sensitive biological samples poses several challenges. Maintaining the required temperature range throughout the transportation process is crucial for sample integrity. Continuous monitoring of temperature is essential to ensure the samples remain within the specified range, however, ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and responsiveness of these monitoring systems can be challenging within the rapidly changing transportation environment. Medical specimen courier operations face serious challenges in ensuring traceability of the specimen cold chain from its point of collection to its time of delivery to the laboratory. The challenge starts from assuring that temperature-controlled totes are ready for their journey before they depart on their routes, maintaining proper temperature control and visibility thereof along the journey within each tote and the vehicle they are in, and finally enabling the receiving laboratory to accurately process each sample as soon as possible after verifying the integrity of the samples’ temperature log during the courier journey.
Akuratemp’s Smart Medical Courier Totes help resolve the challenges of transporting time and temperature sensitive biological samples. This 3 Liter tote system has been designed to accommodate four sample sets of four 10ml vials each. Each tote has been validated to a customized ambient temperature profile comprising the greenhouse effect of a courier vehicle and tote opening every 15 minutes during a 8 hour transit. Each tote has also been validated to ISTA7D in case it is packed at one location and shipped out with an overnight courier such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

The rigorous testing performed on pre-validated shipping systems provides assurance that the samples will remain within the specified temperature range during transportation, ensuring that the samples maintain their quality and efficacy upon arrival at their destination. Akuratemp multi-use medical sample courier totes for frozen, refrigerated, and controlled room temperature applications are integrated with phase change materials for passive temperature control.
By using these pre-validated systems, companies can have confidence in the performance and reliability of the packaging, the PCM- based temperature control technology, and the minimized risk of temperature excursions. By choosing systems that have undergone extensive validation, medical courier companies can also provide evidence of their efforts to ensure the safe transportation of biological samples, thus meeting the expectations of regulatory agencies and authorities.

High insulation with uniform thermal distribution
Precise temperature control with PCM Technology
Easy to use design
End-to-end traceability with IoT enabled technology
Validated to customized temperature profile
Customized Courier Asset Monitoring & Management Platform

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Akurasense is an IoT-enabled medical sample cold chain management tool. It ensures end-to-end specimen cold chain integrity for medical couriers. Admins can oversee all assets and trips, generate reports, and assign user roles across multiple locations. Warehouse Managers configure and monitor assets and trips at their respective locations. Couriers use a mobile gateway to ensure temperature and location integrity during trips, receiving real-time notifications and facilitating better analysis of temperature excursions.

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