Leverage AI to Enhance Healthcare Supply Chain Efficiency

Our global supply chain benefits from intelligent solutions to ensure that temperature-sensitive shipments maintain their required temperatures throughout the journey from manufacturer to consumer. Anita Gardeva states that AI-enabled supply chain control towers are garnering particular interest; eighty-eight percent of healthcare executives identified AI as a ‘critical’ technology for their supply chains in the next three years. Integrating technology within supply chains helps gain visibility across the network, identify route-specific disruptions, support inventory management, and ultimately minimize the risk of compromised patient care. AI-enabled supply chain control towers can help meet challenges presented by the pandemic by leveraging five key capabilities:

  • Cooling elements are appropriated conditioned at the start of the journey
  • Enabling smart notifications for planned responses in case payload or ambient conditions go out of range
  • Establish End-to-end traceability
  • Intelligent data collection for continuous packaging materials, procedures, and reactions. 
Akuratemp has partnered with TagBox™ for Remote Real-time Monitoring

What are the key benefits of integrating IoT within cold chain logistics? The real-time monitoring capability provided by IoT can help cold chain logistics to streamline their risk mitigation process. It can help overcome some of the significant challenges the cold chain logistics providers face by enabling businesses to respond before a cold chain is compromised and promptly isolate only the compromised shipments. A few benefits that IoT brings to cold chain logistics are noted below:

  • Temperature monitoring and management for fixed assets: The IoT sensors gather and share their data in real-time. IoT-enabled actuators automatically adjust the temperature of the cold storage facilities and containers to match the required level if there are any discrepancies. IoT solutions require minimum human intervention and help businesses utilize human resources more efficiently.
  • Shipment tracking with Real-time data access: All the temperature and location data collected by IoT devices is shared in real-time. This instant sharing of information ensures that businesses get notified of any issues emerging in the transportation process as soon as they arise. Managers can respond to prevent these issues and/or initiate alternate actions to minimize the impact at the destination. Stakeholders can seamlessly communicate and be informed in real-time to efficiently manage the supply chain.
  • IoT enablement in logistics creates a transparent supply chain with higher productivity, lower operational cost, and lower risk of loss.

At Akuratemp®, we design and manufacture pre-validated parcel shippers that utilize phase change technology for reliable and repeatable temperature control. Akuratemp’s  shippers feature optimal dimensional weights and 24 to 72 hours of holdover time. They are integrated with TagBox™ IoT enabled real-time temperature monitoring, geo-location tracking, and intelligent notification via a cloud-based asset management system. The Akuratemp® Pre-Validated Parcel Shippers are available for frozen, refrigerated, and controlled room temperature applications.

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