Temperature-Controlled Solutions designed for storage, handling, and transportation of materials.

Custom Product Development

Get a customized solution configured for your specific temperature requirements.

Quality Monitoring System

Integrate monitoring systems in your supply chain to track parameters and get smart alerts.

Consulting Services

Engage our technical experts to guide you on setting processes and systems for temperature-controlled supply chain.

Custom Product Development

Akuratemp designs and manufactures temperature-controlled packaging solutions. We run thermal modeling to size the package dimensions, level of insulation, PCM type, quantity, and positioning needed for your shipping duration holdover time. Share your specifications by clicking our Design Request Form below.

Quality Monitoring System

An IoT based technology platform that enables remote temperature monitoring for your healthcare facilities freezers, refrigerators, incubators, and temperature-controlled packages. A cloud-based subscription service that is easily scalable through barcodes and enables real-time temperature monitoring.

Consulting Services

The team of experts at Akuratemp has an in-depth knowledge of phase change materials, with specialization in cold chain refrigerants and thermal shippers in the pharmaceutical, bioscience, and healthcare industries. We can help you develop products and services to meet stringent Cold Chain standards and regulations.

Six Steps Process for Custom Product Development

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Akuratemp’s engineering team will schedule a call within five working days of receiving your Design Request Form.

Step 2: Project Initiation

If your needs are within Akuratemp’s scope, we will document and review your specifications, assign a project number, and send you a “Non-Disclosure Agreement.”

Step 3: Project Planning

Akuratemp will develop initial thermal models, design ideas, cost estimates both for prototype and commercial production, and will forecast prototype and production timelines, delivered within three weeks, at no charge.

Step 4: Prototype Development

Akuratemp will start developing your prototype when you send in your prototype purchase order. If you are satisfied with your prototype, commercial production can begin.

Step 5: Testing and Certification

If requested, Akuratemp will coordinate with ISTA-certified laboratories to conduct testing and certifications for a negotiated fee.

Step 6: Commercial Production

Akuratemp can create product part numbers, minimum order quantities, and commercial pricing to streamline your purchase order creation. Akuratemp can also help with customized packing, labeling, kitting, and standardization of the production and supply process. Production can all be put in motion when you cut your purchase order.

Key Benefit

Reception of a customized temperature-controlled packaging solution to meet the needs of your application.

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