FAQs: Our expert Ben Hearst, answers your queries about healthcare supply chain, challenges, and opportunities.

#AskBen: Get answers to your questions about healthcare related supply chain.


FAQ1: Why healthcare supply-chain is a critical factor for the successful rollout of COVID19 vaccine? Our expert Ben shares his views on the challenges of distribution cold chain and how Akuratemp can assist.


FAQ2: What are the challenges faced by the healthcare cold-chain industry today? Expert Benjamin Hearst shares his take on the issues and how are they being addressed.


FAQ3: How is Akuratemp different from other healthcare cold-chain solution providers? In this video Benjamin Hearst highlights the key features that set the company apart from its competitors.


FAQ4: What is Phase Change Material technology? Our expert Ben explains and simplifies what PCM’s are by sharing practical examples on Phase Change and latent heat concepts.


FAQ5: What are the recent trends in healthcare packaging? Expert Benjamin Hearst shares his take on how healthcare supply chain and packaging companies are operating in this new normal.

1. What are advanced Phase Change Materials (PCMs)?

Advanced phase change materials (PCMs) are compounds that absorb, store, and release a large amount of heat at a relatively constant temperature by changing their physical state. When an advanced PCM freezes, it releases a large amount of energy as latent heat whereas, when such a material melts, it absorbs a large amount of heat from the environment. Heat stored in the materials is called latent heat, due to which, advanced PCMs are also known as latent heat storage materials. Advanced PCMs absorb and release heat by liquefying and solidifying at set temperatures. The natural latent heat property of PCMs helps in maintaining a structure’s temperature and preventing sudden external changes. Fluctuations in ambient temperature recharge advanced PCMs, making them suitable for everyday applications.

2. What Are Temperature Control Packaging Solutions?

Temperature-controlled packaging (TCP) is a system where the payload being shipped is kept within a defined range of temperatures to maintain the integrity of the payload. Ambient temperatures can vary depending on the geography, so temperature-controlled packaging must be engineered to withstand the stress of extreme temperatures beside the risk of mechanical abuse.

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