Test medical specimens with confidence.

Diagnostic laboratories endeavor to become both accurate and speedy. Akuratemp helps their transported lab specimens to stay within acceptable temperature parameters with complete shipping traceability. Smart notifications prompt preventative measures to minimize the risk of specimen damage and rejection, resulting in delayed diagnostics.

Safeguard from temperature excursions with advanced PCM Technology.

Control costs with optimally sized PCM based thermal packaging.

Establish traceability and make better decisions with real-time cloud-based monitoring.

Diagnostic Labs are pressured to improve their turnaround time. Hospitals are incentivized to treat patients quickly and to prevent unnecessary visits. Accurate and speedy labs are critical for the overall health of hospitals or clinics.

The new technology on the horizon projected to rapidly speed up testing times is mass spectrometry, which allows a specimen to be directly tested, with results generated in minutes. However, this technology is potentially years away from becoming commonly used in labs, due to its high cost.

The temperature security of diagnostic samples and testing reagents during transport is critical to ensuring that test results are timely, accurate, and within budget. Akuratemp’s products and services help labs and laboratory reagent manufacturers by providing reliable, reusable, traceable, and temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

Akuratemp’s customized packaging helps Diagnostic Laboratories achieve temperature security

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