Your Ultimate Guide to Multi-Use Parcel Shippers in Healthcare Supply Chain

This guide covers details about single-use v/s multi-use parcel shippers, components of parcel shippers, pre-validation requirements and standards, temperature monitoring, decision matrix and reverse logistics concepts.

Multi-User Parcel Shippers ROI Assessment

Assess your Return-on-Investments (ROI) from a multi-use parcel shipper to transport biologics.

Akuratemp Features

Smart temperature-controlled single-use and multi-use packaging solutions using PCM Technology for transporting biological specimens.

Custom Design

Ideal weight-to-volume ratio to effectively minimize temperature-related rejection of diagnostic and clinical trial specimens.

Tested for Compliance

Tested to comply with ISTA Standards for summer and winter profiles.

Akuratemp Box

Accurate Temperature Control

Phase Change Technology protects specimens from freezing or overheating during transportation.

Remote Real-time Monitoring

IoT sensors monitor payload temperature in real-time to display on proprietary cloud-based software.

Our Products and Services

Akuratemp designs and manufactures temperature-controlled packaging to keep life science products within acceptable temperature ranges during transportation.

Domestic Parcel Shippers

Pre-validated, multi-use, environment friendly temperature-controlled packaging solutions with end-to-end traceability.

International Parcel Shippers

Pre-validated, environment friendly temperature-controlled packaging solutions with end-to-end traceability.

ATS - Patient to Lab Shipment Kits

Temperature-controlled patient specimen collection kits validated for 24 hours as per ISTA 7D summer and winter ambient temperature profiles.

Facility to Lab Courier Totes

Smart temperature-controlled specimen totes validated for three to six hours and designed for couriers to safely carry multiple diagnostic specimens from healthcare centers to labs.

Customized Product Development

Design and development of single-use and multi-use temperature-controlled packaging for your specific application that is tested for optimal performance.

Pre-Validated Specimen Transport Shippers

Temperature-controlled bulk specimen shipment box validated for up to 96 hours and designed for worldwide specimen transport between healthcare networks.

Use Cases

Clinical Research Organizations

Akuratemp provides reusable and traceable thermal packaging kits for Clinical Research Organizations to preserve the integrity of biological samples during transportation.

Diagnostic Laboratories

Accurate and speedy labs are needed for hospitals, research institutions, and clinics. Akuratemp manufactures single-use and multi-use thermal packaging kits that provide temperature security for diagnostic samples during transportation.


Akuratemp provides reusable and traceable thermal packaging for hospitals to safely transport patient diagnostic samples and blood products between community healthcare facilities.

Akuratemp’s Technology Advantage

There is a rising demand for advanced PCMs in temperature-sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceuticals.
Akuratemp develops custom-designed thermal packaging with an optimal weight to volume ratio to reduce waste and the cost of ownership. PCM technology inside Polyurethane Foam insulation is the foundation of our reliable and economical temperature-controlled packaging. IoT sensors with data visibility on our proprietary cloud-based monitoring system can track payload thermal integrity, package geo-location, and support supply chain management.

Talk to Our Expert

Meet Keith Miller, our temperature-controlled packaging expert to discuss your specific packaging solution requirements, possible application, use cases and identify Akuratemp products that fits your need.