Booster Packs to Reinforce Cooling Support

Boost the capacity of your existing temperature-control solution

Designed to supplement any dry or wet ice cooling solution.

Boosts Cooling

Designed to work alongside Dry Ice or Wet Ice to increase the duration your frozen or
the refrigerated product at desired temperature.

Environment Friendly

A water-based, environment-friendly, and reusable alternative to Dry Ice.

Akuratemp PCM Booster Pack

Supplements Dry/ Wet Ice to help you increase the duration of maintaining temperature at desired levels.
The Booster Pack is manufactured with non-toxic, inorganic, non-flammable phase change material PCM-HS10N.

Booster Packs are designed to work alongside Dry Ice or Wet Ice and will increase the duration your frozen or refrigerated product remains at your desired shipping temperature.

Water-based, environmentally friendly and reusable
Precise temperature control
Engineered to freeze and thaw at -10°C
PCM performance stability tested over thousands of freeze and thaw cycles
Starts working after dry ice has sublimated and delays the melting of wet ice or gel packs
Durable and flexible 5mil nylon-PE laminated white film pouches

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