Pre-Validated Specimen Transport Shippers

Transport biological specimens worldwide with surety of temperature stability. Minimize sample damage and rejections.

Celsure® shippers are designed for transporting biological samples long distances across healthcare networks.

High Endurance

Celsure® is tested for accurate temperature-control performance during transportation between healthcare networks worldwide.

Smart Monitoring

Sensors for cloud-based real-time temp monitoring and geo-location with capabilities like smart notifications, inventory management, and trip reports.

Long Holdover Time

Celsure® shippers are validated for a holdover time of 96 - 120 hours and have a lifespan of up to one year from production.

Celsure® Pre-Validated Specimen Transport Shippers

A reusable temperature-controlled shipper for transporting medical specimens worldwide.
The Celsure® Pre-Validated Specimen Transport Shippers utilize Phase Change Technology for temperature control during medical specimen transport between healthcare networks worldwide. These shippers feature a holdover time of 96 to 120 hours and are tested to provide stable performance for Frozen (-25 to -15C), Refrigerated (+2C to +8C), and Controlled Room-Temperature (+15C to +25C) applications. Celsure® is integrated with a TagBox™ sensor featuring smart notifications of cloud-based real-time payload temperature and geo-location. TagBox™ also sends trip reports and can help with inventory management.

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