International Parcel Shippers

Pre-validated, environment friendly temperature-controlled packaging solutions with end-to-end traceability.

Sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solution

Shipping biologics is challenging due to strict requirements for a temperature-controlled environment. Conventional packaging solutions can be unreliable, leading to damaged or spoiled products. This can compromise patient safety and result in significant financial losses for healthcare organizations.
These parcel shippers can be integrated with IoT enabled temperature sensors that provides real-time temperature monitoring, geo-location tracking, and smart notification capability via a connected cloud-based monitoring platform. The platform includes a proprietary parcel shipper inventory management system. Available for purchase and for lease.
Phase change material for reliable and sustainable thermal energy storage
Reliable temperature control for up to 144 hours
Cost-effective solution compared to traditional packaging methods
End-to-end traceability with IoT enabled technology
Complaint with industry regulations
Single-use design eliminates the need for return shipping
Reduces risk of product spoilage and financial loss
Improves patient safety by ensuring the integrity of healthcare products

Recycled Molded Cooler

- Insulative styrofoam
- High mechanical strength
- Molded to fit
- Designed for uniform thermal distribution
- Recyclable

Patented Technology

- Payload box with cold shock protection
- Conditions at room temperature

Temperature Control

- Environment friendly PCM
- Robust corrugated cassettes
- High thermal energy storage
- Recyclable

Akuratemp ATS6L

Parcel Shipper validated per ISTA 7D Summer and Winter to keep Refrigerated payload below +8C and above +2C for 72hrs

Akuratemp ATS6XL

Parcel Shipper validated per ISTA 7D Summer and Winter to keep Refrigerated payload below +8C and above +2C for 140hrs

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