Single-use Parcel Shippers

Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C) Single-use Parcel Shipping Solution

The Celsure® Pre-Validated Parcel Shippers utilize Phase Change Technology for transporting refrigerated biological products. These shippers feature a holdover time of up to 96 hours and are tested to provide stable performance. The Celsure® Pre-Validated Parcel Shippers are available for frozen and controlled room temperature applications also.

Recycled Molded Cooler

- Insulative styrofoam
- High mechanical strength
- Molded to fit
- Designed for uniform thermal distribution
- Recyclable

Patented Technology

- Payload box with cold shock protection
- Conditions at room temperature

Reliable Temperature Control

- Environment friendly PCM
- Robust corrugated cassettes
- High thermal energy storage
- Recyclable

Product Features

• Universal pack-out
• One box - multiple temperature
• Environment friendly PCM refrigerant
• Minimal environmental impact from manufacturing process
• Recyclable insulation styrofoam

Product Pack-Out and Performance

• Easy pack-out
• Pre-validated to worst case scenario for both summer and winter
• Holdover time 96 hours
• Pre-validated to ISTA 7D

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