News: Akuratemp LLC and Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd announced the availability of the Celsure Refrigerated Pre-Validated Thermal Shipping System in the North American region.


Dec 11, 2020

Akuratemp LLC and Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd announced the availability of the Celsure Refrigerated Pre-Validated Thermal Shipping System in the North American region. This shipping solution provides cold shock protection for winter transportation and can feature cold chain traceability during its journey.

The life science industry is concerned about the temperature of life saving drugs dropping below 2°C. This occurs during winter transportation and sometimes can occur even in summer when the mid-flight temperature in the cargo flight belly drops as low as -7°C. Temperature sensitive biologics also incur an inherent risk of exposure to extreme temperatures during last mile deliveries being left exposed at the door of businesses if delivered on a weekend or holiday. While the logistic operators provide location traceability for the package itself, the real-time temperature tracking for the payload is often not available that could prevent accidental consumption of sensitive products. 

Celsure Refrigerated Pre-Validated Thermal Shipping Solutions are designed to transport biologics safely within a controlled temperature range of 2-8° C. The thermal shipper is tested to ISTA 7D, at a constant +30°C, and a constant -10°C thermal profile to validate its performance to industry standards and to extreme real-world situations. An optional IoT based sensor is available for tracking thermal compliance before and after packout. Our customers have the option to secure a login for the proprietary Akuratemp-Celsure Tagbox platform for monitoring thermal compliance of each delivery and for managing inventory of their thermal shipper fleet.  

The Celsure 7Ltr Refrigerated Pre-Validated Thermal Shipping System is designed for reliable reusability but is priced for single-use. Ready inventory is available in New Delhi, India and North Carolina, USA.  Watch this video of a simple quick pack out process to understand how it is designed to standardize a single pack out all-round the year. In addition, you can watch a pack out and performance demo of the Akuratemp ATS6 transport kit to learn about the pack out components, assembly sequence, and expected performance. 

Akuratemp is offering a free consultation and also availability to sample for your inhouse testing.

Media Contact: Harshul Gupta,, +1.828.708.7178

Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd.( PLUSS®) located in New Delhi, India, founded in 1993 started with R&D and manufacturing of specialized polymers. In 2006, PLUSS commenced development in the field of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) Technology. PLUSS is a venture funded organization with equity stake being held by Tata Capitals premium innovations fund promoted by the Tata Group.

Akuratemp LLC located in North Carolina founded in April 2020 develops custom-designed thermal packaging with an optimal weight to volume ratio with a focus to reduce packaging waste and the cost of ownership. PCM technology inside Polyurethane Foam Insulation is the foundation of Akuratemp’s reliable and economical temperature-control performance. IoT based sensors with data visibility on a proprietary cloud-based monitoring system provide traceability for payload thermal integrity, package geo-location, and inventory management.

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